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Angry Birds is a classic game created by Finland's Rovio Entertainment. The player's objective is to destroy the green pig inside the building by bouncing the angry little bird. Each bird has a different special ability, which you will use wisely to attack the pigs.

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Angry Birds is a classic game developed by Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment. The game has achieved widespread success and wide recognition around the world.

The core gameplay of Angry Birds games is very simple yet creative: the player must destroy the green pigs inside the buildings by bouncing the angry birds. Each bird has different special abilities, such as flying fast, splitting into multiple small birds, and creating explosions. Players must skillfully use the abilities of these birds and find the right angle and strength to destroy the pig fort with as few birds as possible.

Angry Birds games not only feature simple and easy-to-use game mechanics, but also cute animation styles and interesting game scenes. The difficulty of the game gradually increases, allowing players to gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as they continue to take on challenges. Moreover, the game has rich level design and various game modes to provide players with long hours of entertainment.

Because of its simple and addictive gameplay and adorable character designs, Angry Birds quickly became a cultural phenomenon, spawning many derivative products such as toys, clothing, and cartoons. It attracted the attention of not only children but also adult players.

Angry Birds games have become a shining star in the gaming industry, providing endless fun and challenge to players through simple and innovative game design.

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