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Parkour originated from the simulation and adaptation of real parkour, simulating the scene of parkour players quickly crossing and climbing over obstacles in the urban environment, allowing players to experience the excitement and pleasure of parkour in the virtual world.

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Parkour, as an extreme sport, was born in France in the 1980s and gradually became popular around the world. Parkour games have gradually grown on this basis, combining the characteristics of electronic games and the needs of players. With the popularity of mobile devices, parkour games have been loved by a large number of players for their simple and intuitive operation methods and exciting game experience.

In parkour games, you will be able to explore urban landscapes and use parkour skills to cross challenging obstacles. Parkour games usually use intuitive operation methods. Players can control the characters to jump, slide, climb and other actions by sliding the screen or clicking buttons, which is easy to get started.

Parkour games have a tight rhythm. Players need to stay highly focused and react quickly to successfully cross various obstacles. The game scenes are rich and diverse, including city streets, subway tunnels, forests, etc., allowing players to experience the fun of parkour in different environments. The game provides a variety of props and skills, such as speed shoes, shields, etc. Players can collect and use these props to better cope with the challenges in the game.

One of the most important things in parkour is timing and precision. You need to have quick reactions and be able to make split-second decisions when crossing obstacles. You also need to have good spatial awareness to judge distance and landing. In addition to the single-player mode, you can also compete with other players in multiplayer mode. This will allow you to test your parkour skills with other players from all over the world.

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