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Snake is a video game with the theme of "snake". In the game, the player controls a snake to swallow beans continuously, and the snake body will continue to grow as the beans are swallowed. The goal of the game is to avoid the snake head hitting the snake body or the wall, otherwise the game is over.

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Snake game was originally launched by Gremlin platform in 1976, called Blockade. Snake game quickly became popular with its simple operation and tense game rhythm. As the length of the snake increases, the player must pass through more and more crowded and complex mazes, and the snake game becomes more difficult. Snake game is simple but addictive, requiring players to use their reaction skills and strategic thinking to win the game and get high scores.

Snake Battle is a strategy competitive game with snakes as the theme. In the game, players need to control their own snake characters to compete with other players or computer-controlled snakes. Players need to move their snakes skillfully, avoid opponents, and eat as much food as possible to increase their scores and levels. The game provides a variety of different maps and snake characters for players to choose from, allowing players to experience different game fun. Snake Wars also offers a variety of competitive modes, including single-player competition, two-player cooperation and team competition, allowing players to choose the appropriate mode to play according to their preferences and levels.

Saraman Snake is a shooting game produced by the Japanese company Konami in the 1980s. The game is set on the planet Ratis, where players control aircraft to fight against the Saraman Snake troops to defend the safety of the planet. Saraman Snake has attracted the attention of many players with its rich plot and diverse game levels. The various fighter designs and weapon systems in the game also provide players with more choices and strategies.

Many versions of the Snake game offer additional features, such as power-ups, special rewards and different game modes, which increase the excitement and replay value of the game. Some versions also include a multiplayer mode where players can compete for the highest score. Snake is a classic and timeless arcade game that is easy to get started but provides a challenging and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels.