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Mahjong game is a puzzle casual game in which players need to eliminate all mahjong tiles within a limited time. Such games usually include Chinese classic mahjong match, Happy Sichuan Mahjong, Shanghai Mahjong, etc.

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Mahjong games include eight flower cards, namely pine, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, spring, summer, autumn and winter, which add up to a total of 144 cards. Although the rules vary slightly from place to place, the main purpose is to use the permutation and selection rules to combine the cards in your hand into a specific pattern to win. Mahjong games focus on strategy, skills and calculations. You must guess and remember the cards of other opponents when planning your own pattern to prevent yourself from playing the cards that the other party needs, and you may even change your hand cards along the way. However, since no one knows what the next card they will draw will be, there is a lot of luck involved. These factors make mahjong very variable, and therefore it is loved by everyone!

Mahjong games combine the rules of confrontation on the basis of traditional mahjong gameplay, bringing fun and challenges to players. In Mahjong, players need to follow certain rules, such as code cards, dealers, dice, God of Wealth, playing cards, eating cards, touching cards, bar cards, and winning cards. Different Mahjong games may have different rules and features. For example, Happy Sichuan Mahjong combines "3D Stereoscopic Perspective", "Blood Battle to the End", "Fixed Shortage", "Self-Touching and Adding Points" and other modes, while Chinese Classic Mahjong Lianliankan is an elimination game. Players need to find two identical Mahjong tiles and connect them to eliminate them.

In Mahjong, players need to gradually clear their Mahjong tiles by placing and fighting. Players can draw new cards from the deck and try to match them with existing cards. When players successfully find the same combination of cards, they can fight and remove these combined cards from the game.

Mahjong games provide a variety of different Mahjong tile combinations and collision rules, allowing players to choose different game modes and difficulty levels to challenge their skills and strategies. In addition, the game also provides hints and confession functions to help players think and make better decisions in the game.

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