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.io games (or battle games) refer to online games played through browsers with .io as the function variable name on the game homepage, including .io gunfight, io parkour, io multiplayer, io two-player games, io The game originated from "" developed by Brazilian game developer Mateusz Valadaris, which was the world's first io game.

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The .io game revolved around cells growing by eating agar and consuming other players. A few months after its release, the game was acquired by Miniclip and a new game genre began to emerge based on the humble .io domain extension. . Although some games are not played online using a browser, that is, they do not use the .io function variable name, they are often regarded as .io games because their gameplay is the same as traditional .io.

How to play IO games? Many .io games are survival-based - develop your character by consuming food and killing other players. Reach the top of the leaderboard by doing this repeatedly until you are the biggest! A massive online multiplayer arena with competitive leaderboards and simple mechanics making the game accessible to anyone.

.io games have grown tremendously to include any type of games, we have a variety of io games, play online battle games with friends, play with other people in multiplayer games, play these online games for free on your computer Play online games without downloading. Most of our games can also be played on mobile phones or tablets.

The most common theme in io games is online multiplayer, our io games take you into competitive multiplayer games where we face the most exciting survival challenges, play these games alone, play with friends, Or play against friends, IO Games are real-time online games that you can play for free in your web browser.

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