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Clicker Games are a type of game that is relaxing and fun. In these games, players earn in-game virtual currency, points, or other resources mainly by tapping the screen or clicking certain buttons. These resources are typically used to purchase upgrades, unlock new features, or improve productivity.

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The game genre, also known as Clicker Games, or incremental Games, is known for providing an easy and stress-free experience. Players earn in-game virtual currency and points by this simple action, which is the main gameplay action to click on the screen. Earned resources are used to purchase various upgrades, which can speed up the game or unlock new game features.

In many clicker games, resources increase with each click of the player, and that resource can be used to purchase upgrades and automatic clickers that efficiently generate resources. This process is gradually accelerated, and the player can earn more and more points. That's why the games offer a very satisfying experience and are suitable for relaxing time.

Also, these games are very accessible and are easy to accept by people of all ages and skill levels as they do not require any special skills or prior gaming knowledge. This simplicity is one of the great charms of clicker games. Players can move the game at their own pace and play in a short time, making it a great way to enjoy their free time.

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