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Computer Games are electronic Games that are specifically designed for personal Computer (PC) platforms. These games are usually run using your computer's operating system, and players can use their keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals to manipulate their in-game characters.

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Computer Games is a type of electronic game designed for personal Computer platforms. These games utilize the computer's operating system and hardware to run and display game content, while players use devices such as keyboards, mice, or controllers to play games. You can manipulate the characters and elements inside. PC games include different types of games such as casual games, action games, and role-playing games, with high quality graphics and sound effects that make them exciting and immersive for players. There is a gaming experience to offer. Through the online function, players can interact with other players and enjoy the fun of multiplayer games. PC games also feature customizability and continuous updates, allowing players to adjust game Settings to their liking and enjoy expanded game content.

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