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Browser Games is an online multiplayer interactive game based on a Web browser. Browser games allow you to play games by simply opening your browser without the need to download data packages, install clients, or install them.

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Browser games can be played directly from the Web page. Its games feature beautiful graphics, huge system, advanced fun, and its convenience expands the target audience, which is one of the fundamental reasons why browser games have exploded in popularity. The form is simple, the content is rich, the game type is rich, and the attractiveness and obsession with the player has been greatly improved.

Strategy games are the most mainstream browser games. In this game, players play the role of the ruler of the area (planet/country/city, etc.), recruit heroes (generals), and can develop their own area to occupy the surrounding area. Intrude territory or other player's territory. The war is carried out by the automatic calculation pipeline of the system, and the victory or defeat is determined by the military power of both sides. So even if you're not online connected, you don't have to worry about invading as long as you build fortifications and have enough supplies. Defense army

Casual and competitive games are currently one of the most popular browser games with cartoonish graphics and rich content that users can enjoy while relaxing. The game also has some degree of competition, allowing players to compete in the spirit of entertainment.

Browser games are convenient, fast and require less configuration. With the advent of browser games and the continued development of Web games, the demand for end-user online games has expanded to the 60s and teens. Due to the characteristics of browser games, browser games are suitable for all ages. The Starfish games website has loads of modern and fun browser games that you can play online for free. Call your friends and have fun together.

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