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Horror games are a broad type of video games with themes of fright, horror, and superb suspense. They are a type of video games that became popular around the end of the twentieth century. Whether you prefer slow-burn suspense or fast jump scares, there are plenty of online horror games to keep you stunned in this horror game series.

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Although this type of horror game sometimes has fighting scenes, players feel that the characters played by players in horror games are inferior due to less ammunition and health, slower movement speed, smaller field of view or other limitations. It is weaker than other types of games. Horror gamers will also need to find specific items to unlock new areas, as well as solve puzzles in specific locations.

Horror games have scary storylines, weird character designs, and suspenseful music to make players feel scared and achieve entertainment results. Players often need to escape from dark maze-like environments and face sudden attacks from enemies or monsters.

Browse some of the scariest horror games online. Turn off the lights and dive into the scary world of Scary Freddy, a horror game where you are trapped in a house and must escape from a killer without being detected. He could be lurking around any corner. . .

If you like the twisted thrill of surviving among deranged souls, zombies and madmen, then survival and escape horror games are a great choice. Whether it's sci-fi horror or a classic zombie survival game, it's all filled with action and suspense of imminent danger. Horror games are suspense games designed to instill fear in the player. Some involve running away or surviving in difficult circumstances. Browse our collection and give yourself chills with some of the scariest free horror games online.