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Defense Games are a type of strategy game in which the player strategically places Defense facilities to defend the base from the enemy's wavy attack.

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Defense Games are a genre of Games in which players stop enemies in order to defend a specific area or base. The genre is highly strategic, with players using limited resources to build a variety of fortifications to defend stronghones from the enemy's wavy attacks. The main goal of the game is to set up fortifications along the enemy's route to prevent the enemy from entering the stronghold. If a stronghold is destroyed, the game ends. Players need to strategically place various defensive structures such as towers, batteries, and traps. These facilities are used to attack and delay the enemy.

Defense games are popular as games that test players' strategic thinking and planning skills. Notable titles include Plants vs. Zombies, Kingdom Rush, and Bloons Tower Defense, and these games are loved by many players. The real pleasure of a defense game is to use tactics to prevent enemy attacks and aim for victory.

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