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Position Games is an exciting game that tests strategy and planning. Cooperate with your friends and win!

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Position Games is a positioning game where strategy and tactics are important. Players fight to expand their territory and take away the enemy's territory. Control the provinces on the map and win!

Layers plan strategies to conquer enemy provinces while defending their strongholds. He skillfully manipulates the boundaries of his territory and creates an advantage by pincering the enemy. Players can use special abilities and items to advance the battle in an advantageous way. You can change the situation by slowing the enemy's progress or strengthening your army. Jingle battle offers a multiplayer mode where you can play alone, as well as play against other players online. Team up with your friends and compete against your opponents.

The player expands the province on a turn-based basis and takes away the province of the opponent while preventing the enemy's attack. Strategic placement and the choice of special abilities determine victory or defeat. Get a good picture of the overall situation and plan your way to victory!

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