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Educational games are games developed specifically for specific educational purposes, and are used as a means of education, with equal emphasis on education and entertainment.

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The definition of "educational game" is relatively broad, and there is no particularly clear line between "educational game" and "non-educational game." Although some games are not specifically designed for educational purposes, they have strong educational significance and can therefore be included in the category of educational games.

When designing the game, mature educational theory is used as a theoretical support to achieve the balance between educational and gameplay, and the product realization of the educational process is completed through the game. Educational games are a type of serious game.

Educational games transfer knowledge into mobile games, combined with pet breeding and many interesting mini-games to make the learning process of players full of fun. This is an active attempt at an educational game in the 3G wireless network era, and a new form of multimedia education that takes full advantage of the convenience of mobile phones and the entertainment value of games. Their fragmented time.

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