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A hospital game is a game set in a hospital. Players take on the role of doctors and nurses, managing interactions with patients and running a clinic. It includes a variety of tasks such as diagnosis, treatment, and hospital expansion. There are several different play styles, including management simulation and role-playing.

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Hospital Games is a game set in a doctor's office. In these games, players typically play roles such as doctors, nurses, or hospital administrators, interacting with patients, managing the daily operations of the hospital, diagnosing and treating various diseases, and expanding the hospital. and make improvements.

Hospital games have many different ways to play, including management simulation, role-playing, and puzzle solving. In the management simulation game, players manage an entire hospital and aim to grow the hospital by tackling various aspects such as finance, personnel recruitment, and medical equipment procurement. On the other hand, in role-playing games, players play the roles of doctors, nurses, etc., and perform various tasks such as diagnosis and surgery. Puzzle-solving games typically revolve around events or cases that occur within a hospital, and players solve puzzles and overcome challenges to advance the story.

The appeal of hospital games is that they allow players to experience the work of medical staff and understand the challenges and responsibilities behind medical services. Through these games, players not only develop skills such as teamwork and time management, but also deepen their understanding of medical knowledge and medical processes. At the same time, hospital games provide a fun way of entertainment and allow players to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Hospital games are a type of game that is both fun and educational and has gained great popularity among players. These games not only give players a taste of the work of a medical worker, but also give players the opportunity to hone their skills and relax their minds.

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