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Sokoban Games is a great way to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Try your limits in new levels and solve complex puzzles!

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Sokoban Games is a classic puzzle game where the goal is to move the boxes to the correct positions. As the warehouse keeper, the player moves the boxes in the warehouse and aims to place all the boxes in the specified position. But moving the box is not easy. It requires careful planning and precise movement!

The game provides multiple levels that get progressively harder. Players will solve puzzles while dealing with boxes and walls arranged differently in each level. The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand, so you can get started right away. However, as you progress through the game, strategy and planning will become important. Players can set time limits and hint features to make the game more challenging. However, when time is limited, you need to move it more efficiently.

The player controls the character and moves the boxes in the warehouse to the specified position. The box can only be moved and cannot be moved if it hits a wall or another box. Players need to carefully plan their movements in order to move the boxes to the correct position.

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