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Training Games are Games that give players the fun and challenge of developing their characters. Strengthen your characters and develop the strongest warriors through training!

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Training Games are Training Games with important elements that enhance, level up, and add equipment to a character. This game focuses on players training and growing their characters. Players gain experience through various trainings and missions to enhance their characters.

Players train their characters to improve their abilities and skills. It is important to develop various abilities such as strength, speed, and technology in a balanced manner. As you level up your character by accumulating experience points, you can gain more powerful abilities and skills. The higher the level, the more new training and missions you unlock. Characters have a variety of equipment, and adding these equipment will increase their abilities and defense. Players can earn equipment as a reward for their training. Players participate in training facilities and special events to develop their characters. Training can take time, but it pays off. Players watch their characters grow and try new levels and equipment.

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