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War games is a game that revolves around War, military operations, and strategy.players engage in battle on the battlefield as a commander or soldier and achieve strategic objectives. Strengthen your military, defeat the enemy, and win.

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War Games are games that focus on war or military operations and require the player to make strategic decisions. In these games, players participate in various military operations and battles as soldiers, captains, or commanders. In a typical war game, the player leads an army or combat unit, challenging the battle against an opposing force.

There are various ways to play war games. Some games reenact historical battles or battles in realistic simulations. In these games, the reproducibility of historic battles and operations is high, and the player develops strategies as the commander of the actual war with the goal of victory. In other war games, there are many fictional works depicting fictional worlds and future wars. In these games, players use their imagination to develop unique strategies and tactics to win the war.

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