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Keyboard Games are intuitive Games that allow players to play various genres using their Keyboard.

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Keyboard Games are a genre of Games in which players play Games using a Keyboard. These games control characters and objects by manipulating the keys of the keyboard and perform various actions in the game.

The genre includes different types of games, such as action, adventure, puzzle, simulation, etc. Some keyboard games focus on certain keyboard functions, such as rhythm games where you press a key in a timely manner, or typing games where you press a specific key to enter letters or words.

Games of this genre are widely played as PC and browser games. The keyboard is a common input device in many games, and the player can use the keyboard to move characters and perform actions.

Keyboard games are genres that provide players with an intuitive way of operation and allow them to enjoy games by making use of various keys on the keyboard. It is loved by many players for its simple operation and game play in a wide range of genres.

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