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Mouse Games are loved by many players for their simplicity and precision. Games that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to experienced players, especially games that can be played only with the mouse, will continue to evolve with a variety of genres and intuitive operation.

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Mouse Games are Games that are played primarily with the Mouse. These games make use of the basic elements of PC gaming and are popular with many players for their simple and intuitive operation. In particular, basic mouse operations such as clicking and dragging provide a variety of game experiences.

The mouse operated games are designed to be easy to play by anyone. Simple operations such as mouse clicks and drag and drop are at the center, and there is no need to remember complex key combinations, so it is also easy for beginners.

Mouse accuracy and controllability are important, especially in strategy games and simulation games. Players can take full advantage of the convenience of the mouse in situations where detailed controls and quick responses are required. In games like StarCraft and SimCity, precision controls have a significant impact on the game's progression.

Mouse operated games range from casual games to hardcore games. Casual games tend to be quick to play, while hardcore games require long hours of deep strategy and planning. This allows us to accommodate a wide range of players.

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